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SaaS Startups 

The SaaS Factory supports a variety of SaaS startups.

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SaaS Factory, LLC

AI-powered Energy Research platform. Accelerate research, site selection, compliance, and time to breaking ground.


TrainJot, LLC

On the spot training for field workers


SaaS Factory, LLC

AI-power your agile software dev teams with AI tools to write code, convert code between languages, review, and debug code snippets in real-time.


SaaS Factory, LLC

An easy way to manage virtual teams: work at home teams, contractors, agile teams, multidisciplinary teams and geographically dispersed teams.


SaaS Factory, LLC

JotMaker GenAI Prompt Manager is an easier way to create, test and organize prompts. Use project spaces for related prompts; AI helps write better prompts; Work as individuals or teams.


SaaS Factory, LLC

Manage AI-enabled proposal teams. Auto-generate proposal outlines from requirements. The AI technical editor says it better. Score against customer requirements.


SaaS Factory, LLC

Write like a genius! Short stories, poems, jokes, song lyrics, and movie scripts.


HiopeJot, Inc.

Management software for recovery clinics. Notetaking, AI Insights and more effective care.

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