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The SaaS Factory helps innovators launch AI-powered SaaS applications for businesses faster than ever previously possible. Our mission is to enable SaaS innovation for the masses. 

The initiative is made possible by emerging low code technologies that accelerate innovation of software applications by orders-of-magnitude. The SaaS Factory is powered by our SaaS Maker low-code B2B innovation platform - available for system integrators and developers everywhere.

The factory has potential to yield thousands of SaaS launches for every industry... clean tech, agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, fintech, defense, forensics, and others...


SaaS Innovators

Innovators include system integrators, entrepreneurs, and intrepreneurs within larger technology companies.

AI Integration

The SaaS Factory supports GenAI integration, hybrid AI, human augmented AI, and advanced AI integrations.

SaaS Workshops

Develop real SaaS applications: E.g. healthcare, sales, sports teams, fintech, film production, or any industry.

Launch and Grow!

SaaS businesses will be published for access by early adopters, and sale to users around the world. 

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