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AI SaaS Factory (venture studio) launches next generation, AI-powered B2B SaaS applications at unprecedented speeds...

Our studio supports the full SaaS journey, from ideation and rapid prototyping to team building, investor relations, MVP development, operations, marketing, sales, and growth.

We proudly operate as a Public Benefit Company dedicated to responsible AI - by improving vital sectors like energy, healthcare, and agriculture; and by lowering barriers for entrepreneurs. Our studio leverages the SaaS Maker low-code AI-B2B SaaS platform that accelerates build time by orders-of-magnitude.


Rapid Innovation

The SaaS Factory uses low-code tools to build and launch AI B2B SaaS in days, rather than months or years.

AI Integration

The SaaS Factory supports GenAI integration, hybrid AI, human augmented AI, RAG, and advanced AI integrations.

SaaS Workshops

Develop real SaaS applications: E.g. healthcare, sales, sports teams, fintech, film production, or any industry.

Launch and Grow!

SaaS businesses will be published for access by early adopters, and sale to users around the world. 

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